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About Us

SLD Payments is dedicated to facilitating payments. If a customer wishes to pay, SLD Payments will enable the merchant to accept this payment. SLD Payments strives to promote the principle of Universal Acquiring which aims to accept any payment method that a customer may wish to use. There are many different choices when making payments today and regardless of the reasons therefore, SLD Payments offers these payment options to customers around the globe.

SLD Payments supports the following options:

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • debit and credit cards
  • American Express
  • Diners Club charge cards

Discover, JCB and Union Pay cards Other forms of payment that can be supported are direct debits, debit and standing orders, recurring payments, Paypal, Bitcoin,  numerous e-wallets, mobile payment solutions and several domestic European direct debit solutions.

Situated off the tip of Africa in Cape Town, SLD Payments is making its mark in the global payments market place with its one stop shop offering. This means that SLD Payments facilitates high risk payment categories by providing international merchant accounts to domestic US merchants.

The Team at SLD Payments are highly skilled in payment processing and always stays abreast of developments within this rapidly changing landscape. It’s global network of acquirers, payment processors and referral agents allows SLD Payments to choose the optimal solutions for its merchant clients. SLD Payments creates efficient off shore structures on behalf of its clients in geographies where this is required and provides guidance that best suit their needs. Furthermore the team have recently provided extensive consulting services to assist merchants and acquirers to address critical business issues such as excessive fraud, chargebacks and other related risk management functions.

SLD Payments, in seeking to extend its global reach is constantly looking for quality trusted partners and banks that can assist in its journey towards excellence. Should you have any payments related requirements SLD Payments would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate its superior services to you.