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SLD Payments is dedicated to facilitating payments. If a customer wishes to pay, SLD Payments will enable the merchant to accept this payment. SLD Payments strives to promote the principle of Universal Acquiring which aims to accept any payment method that a customer may wish to use.

About us

We’re a leading online payment service provider dedicated to creating a fast, simple and efficient payment process for merchants and buyers.

Whether someone wants to make a payment online on a computer, tablet, mobile device, e-wallet or even offline, our 250+ payment methods are designed to make it fast, simple and secure.

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We offer the following services

Card Payments

EFT – Payments

Payment Gateway

Mobi Paid

Voucher Payments

Consulting Services

Oversea structures

Risk Management

We have been using SLD Payments for several projects and are very satisfied with the interface, documentation and support. By far the best option on the market.

- Nicola Smit

Why choose SLD Payments?

We’re a leading online payment service provider with a presence in 16 markets across the world.*

* We’ve always focused on and continue to focus on matching merchants’ needs with the way consumers shop and pay.

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